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Adult Training Opportunities

There are some great opportunities coming up for our Adult leaders and parents to get valuable training.

The Adult Training Program is a critical component in delivering the promise of Scouting to youth entrusted in our care. Training requirements vary depending on the position the leader occupies. In order for the unit to conduct any activities a minimum amount of training is required for the leaders. For other activities, additional training is required.

All Scout training starts with Youth Protection Training. As a major youth-serving organization, the Boy Scouts of America has a unique opportunity to help protect the youth of our nation. In addition to helping families address the problem of child abuse, the BSA has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and procedures designed to ensure that Scouting continues to be safe for all participants. The BSA is exemplary among youth-serving agencies in recognizing the potential threat that child abuse poses to young people. Any parent can take Youth Protection Training on-line, and it is required for all registered adult leaders. Go to the national BSA training web page at to take the training online.

After Youth Protection Training, all adult leaders need to take Boy Scout Fast Start and New Leader Essentials training. You can take it on line at the training web page.